Monday, April 12, 2010

Clash of the Titans

I watched Clash of the Titans, against my better judgement.

Oh, it was wretched. They took Greek mythology -- no, just some assorted stories -- no, just the approximate names of some people in assorted stories loosely related to Greek mythology. I haven't seen the first movie (of which this is a remake), but the only justification for this abomination of a film is that the first movie was actually just residual scarring left on film strips by cosmic radiation. The story goes nowhere and everywhere, grabbing bits and pieces I recognized from other thrilling summer blockbusters (a kraken? battling giant CG beasts in the desert?) and amalgamating them in one enormous, mind-meltingly-terrible transgression against the very concept of "plot."

Don't see this movie.

This post's theme word: bowdlerize, "to remove or change parts (of a book, play, movie, etc.) considered objectionable." As in, "Lila's bowdlerized Clash of the Titans was 10 seconds long and consisted entirely of shots of the ocean."

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