Monday, June 22, 2009

Goals this week

This week will be incredibly productive. I have many dangling projects -- research and personal -- that are nearly done. This week I will finish them all, clearing my work and home desks. I'm committing that to you, o impersonal internet witnesses. Partly this is just a good thing to do, and partly this is necessary: I'm a little bored with my current research projectlet and need to move on to stay interested. Plus, I leave my home projects "out" and cluttering up my room, so finishing them will mean my room is clean again. (Indeed, this self-knowledge that an untidy room irks me is the very reason I leave unfinished projects out.)

This might even mean you get a bunch more posts here, but since draft blog posts are all very tidy -- stored away on the computer -- I might not get to them until after I patch my clothes, prove some theorems, and vacuum.

I hope you have a productive week, too.

This post's theme word: sirocco, "hot wind." It's been hot and humid here, except in my cold, arid cave of a windowless office.

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