Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bean salad

I made some delicious summer food: bean salad. There are five kinds of beans, so this volume of bean salad will easily last me through this week. Easily. (Why make so much? you might ask. Because it's hard to buy a quarter-cup each of 5 types of beans. Cooking for one person is not really possible; I usually have at least a full meal of leftovers for the next day.)A few weeks ago I made a similarly large vat of tabouli, another food with strong summer associations for me. Both foods are also garlic-filled and delicious.

This post is dedicated to M., who gave me the "recipe" and said, "Will you blog about it?" Yes. Yes, I will.

This post's theme word: seriatim, "one after another; in a series." It is an adverb, as in "I ate the beans seriatim: first the red one, then a green one, then a chickpea, then another red one..."

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