Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday break

I'm putting my intertubes embargo on hold for a few hours this afternoon, because (1) I am worried that something important might be going overlooked, and (2) I might give myself an aneurysm trying to magically foresee the overlooked thing without checking my email. Also, (3) good for me, I got a lot of thesis stuff, done, while slowly going into connectivity withdrawal.

Oh goodness there is more than a PAGE of emails in my account! I usually maintain inbox zero, or perhaps inbox 4 or 5. While I'm ruthlessly emptying my inbox, I'll also be posting some recent stuff here, tersely. My life goes on and after awhile, the fiddly details go stale and unpostable. I'd like to post them while they're relatively fresh in my mind.

Enjoy your Saturdays, everyone. I have allotted myself this brief respite, and some ice skating this afternoon, and then the nose is back to the LaTeX grindstone.

This post's theme word: abstemious, "not self-indulgent."

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