Monday, December 22, 2008

Noteworthy scientific research

I love the scientific method in all its wonderful applications.

Noteworthy research of late? Well, octopodes have no personalities. But the good news is that they like HD TV!

And have you heard about the cutting-edge research happening now to answer that age-old question: do sharks like Christmas music?

I just don't understand all this recent talk about money for fundamental scientific research (like this!) being cut because of "the economy." Knowing that octopodes prefer to see HD video, or that sharks like Christmas pop songs, is vitally important to my life; merely reading about it has completely brightened my outlook! (Not sarcasm!) Wow, do I love science. Even if scientists sometimes bicker.

(Both via Slashdot.)

This post's theme word: internecine, "conflict within a group/organization." As in, the internecine science conflict between physicists and computer scientists. Or biologists and chemists. Or whatever. In the end, it's us against the literature students.