Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Some retroblogged posts

I often want to date my post the date that I had the experience/thought/whatever, but I don't actually get around to making the post until later. Sometimes much later...

Recent new-old posts that you might have not seen because even RSS feeds don't pick 'em up:

Thank you class of 2020

Musée de Cluny

Poesy the Monster Slayer


Yes, I'm wildly abusing the format but since the main reader of this blog is me it's ... fine. Self-indulgent public posting is the name of the modern game and I'm doing it in my own way. I also have books, so many books, to write about --- with posts in various states of drafting and editing --- probably about one or two a week. For the past two years at least. Are they posted? Mostly not. Will they ever be? It depends on how much dopamine I dispense to myself for finally pushing that "publish" button.

And of course more books are arriving regularly here... I have not ordered any new books in more than a month, but the mail delays, backorders, and long-ago pre-orders mean that I have easily a full year's worth of reading already in headed my way, plus a house full of books that deserve first- and nth-readings.

extremely relatable content by Tom Gauld

This post's theme word is silvicolous (adj), "living or growing in the woods." Silvicolous libraries could be locally-sourced!

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