Sunday, December 31, 2017


Quotes that enterprising persons heard in my office, and recorded on the board, but which are now being erased so I can have more space for research:

  • "Hot damn, man"
  • "I have very large hips compared to a mice baby."
  • "PLACENTAS, Lila"
  • "On Thursday I have to give birth... I have to interview candidates, get inseminated, and fully gestate a human child."
  • "Think faster... and also better."
    "It's solid advice. If only you could follow it."
  • "You, in particular, need help."
  • "Why is everything covered in metal?"
  • "I didn't realize there was both a top and a bottom."
    "How did you think boxes work?"
  • "It's gotta be true, right? There are so many emojis."
  • "Christmas star" [accompanied by un-star-like diagram of a graph with 5 vertices]
  • "I'm very professional, except for the hole in my pants."
  • "Today is not. Halloween."
  • "I do. Because I know stuff. Because that's what I am."

This post's theme word is farraginous (adj), "heterogeneous; having a mix of random things." What a silly, context-free, farraginous collection of quotes.

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