Friday, February 24, 2017

Your favorite childhood memory, in one sentence:

I take attendance by having the students answer a question.

Your favorite childhood memory, in one sentence:

Certain students obeyed the structure of the question, replying with a complete sentence:
  • 4 kids make a mess in a muddy backyard.
  • Carrier has arrived.
  • Summer Camp is awesome!
  • That's personal!
  • I ate a banana
  • I was bad at softball
  • A TV gave me a concussion
  • oh god why are there so many ferrets
Others only left sentence fragments, abandoned noun or verb phrases left dangling, their tenuous wisps reaching back into memory:

  • climbing trees
  • soccer games
  • breaking my femur
  • summer with grandparents
  • going on field trips
  • playing
  • figuring out how to use a water fountain
  • vacation in Thailand
  • infantile amnesia
  • video games
  • [illustration of a ghost chasing pacman eating dots]
  • corner
  • go karting
  • spending time with family
  • playing with dogs
  • scoring winning soccer goal
  • going to beach
  • carefree summers

My cold, robotic, grown-up professor grinch heart is warmed by these snippets of lives happily remembered. I'm curious about why "breaking my femur" would be one's favorite childhood memory, but I suppose context counts for quite a bit in comparing memories...

This post's theme word is defervescence, "the abatement of a fever." I vividly remember being sick in childhood, but the gradual defervescence left no distinct impression.

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