Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May retroblogging

Much to my shame, the retroblogging project continues, and includes last month's retroblogging roundup post itself. Whoops. ... and also this post itself. I'm lagging at this already-lagged task. A pattern emerges...

It seems this blog has become not so much a timely and up-to-date record of my musings, but rather a back-dated catalog of things that I remember long enough to get around to posting, eventually.

This month my retroblogs fall in two categories:

2015 end-of-year holiday season and travels:
Miscellany (also known as the "else" category):

This post's theme word is monology, "a long speech by someone, especially when interfering with conversation." My low blog traffic and the structure of single-author blogging means that this is a monology-free zone. Welcome!

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