Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chocolate exposition

A chocolate exhibit, you say? How could I stay away.
Ramparts built of chocolate-covered marshmallow logs.
The purpose of the exhibition seems twofold: one, sell a lot of chocolate. The giant billboards celebrating this exhibition hall full of chocolate-themed content served as bait, to attract the most chocolate-susceptible crowd. Once inside the hall, the aerosolized chocolate alone could induce drool.
DalĂ­-inspired chocolate sculpture.
The second purpose was to demonstrate all the non-edible uses of chocolate. These seemed to primarily consist of sculpture.
Ornately dressed chocolate couple. Life sized. Detailed.
Ironically, many of the chocolate sculptures were of food. But no touching, please, and certainly no eating.
A table of sculptures and feast --- all made of chocolate, of course: the gourds, the fish, the plates, the silverware, the owl.
Finally, just a general celebration of chocolate's history and trivia. Again, the audience was exactly right for such a display of information.
Lady Godiva, naked in her fully-chocolatey glory.

This post's theme word is uxorious, "excessively devoted or submissive towards one's wife." If Godiva had been more uxorious, the legend may never have happened.

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