Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gelatinous ball of goo baby

I dreamed last night that I came across A. and his (dream) wife and their (dream) newborn baby sitting on a park bench. (In a dream park. In my dream.) So of course I went over and said hello and introduced myself to the wife and met the baby. And as I was looking at the baby, I realized something was wrong... it was shaped funny... too round... no legs... no face... it was actually a gelatinous ball of goo in a onesie. Yikes!

I tried to tactfully bring this up in conversation with A. (After nearly dropping the baby in surprise and revulsion.) He replied, "My wife was pregnant, and went into labor, and this is what came out! ... so it's our baby, and we're raising it."

I told A. about this after I woke up, and he said (in a reasonable tone), "It's growing! We just keep feeding it."

This post's theme word is: emuction, "to blow your nose" or really "to empty any bodily passage." Yuck, what emuction!


Ernie said...

"It's growing! We just keep feeding it."

This quote reminded me of the sourdough starter I've been rearing. It's more of a glutinous ball-of-goo baby.

SecretModel said...

nice !! :)