Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Octohedron octopus

On my desk this afternoon, I found:
The note reads (in an unsteady hand),
Greetings from under the sea! I am not too good at writing I heard you are kind to the tentacled. I was teased for being green. I disguised myself as an octahedron to slip past the mathematicians, take me home? [wiggly octopus self-portrait]
So of course I grabbed that green tentacle and shook it in a firm handshake, welcoming it to come home to my (increasingly silly) collection of tentacled things. When everted, the purple octohedron becomes the ink in a green octopus.
Many thanks to A., who was ultimately responsible for the creation and delivery of this octopus!

This post's theme word is imbosk, "to hide," usually in a wood. Environmental limitations make octopus imbosking impractical.

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