Monday, April 4, 2011

The Tudors

I started watching The Tudors yesterday, and got through the first few episodes. It was interesting (with many many fancy costumes, if your inclinations tend that direction), but it made me wish I remembered more history. It's been a decade since I studied this period, and so I felt frustrated with the twists and turns of the TV show because they should not be surprises... it's history! I should know what's going to happen! (Although Wikipedia notes that "events in the series differ from events as they actually happened in history.")

I think I'll watch more of the show, but I'd also like to grab some books on the history of this period so that I don't feel so ignorant as I watch. Do you have any recommendations?

This post's theme word is ogham, "ancient Irish alphabet." I tried to brush up on my British history, and found I needed a primer in ogham.

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