Monday, February 7, 2011

More nice writing: Jerry Holkins

Jerry Holkins is a man who knows his way around a sentence, often by leaving gigantic sesquipedalian monoliths strewn hither and thither to mark his loquacious route. See for example this:
My mind is generally in geosynchronous orbit, watching the unseemly exertions of this body with my metaphorical nose wrinkled in disgust, engaged in cognition about cognition and issuing rudimentary commands over the high-latency link. I wish very much that this last sentence felt less true.
Doesn't your heart leap at such prose?

Well, mine does.

This post's theme phrase is ex cathedra, "spoken with authority" (adverb/adjective). I read Tycho's posts in an ex cathedra tone.


Amy said...

I see what you're saying with this, although I find it a tad overworked and pretentious. However, I prefer prose that is not so self-aware. I don't want my sentences to be like Simpsons' episodes. I'm pretty sure that last sentence was on the Simpsons though.

Lila is a complex system. said...

"A tad overworked and pretentious" is (1) a pretty good description of how I prefer my prose, and (2) the name of my next band. Potential instrumentation: triangle, harmonica, bassoon, wood blocks. Occasionally featuring ukulele. Our lyrics will be exclusively in dead languages, but all pronounced with a faintly French accent.

I missed the Simpsons reference.

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