Monday, June 28, 2010

World cup!

Whoooooooo! I've enjoyed watching the world cup games when I can find a television to watch them on. High definition slow-motion sports coverage is amazing. In the slow motion, you can see the players make decisions, react to the game. You can see their muscles contract, pulling their limbs so quickly through the air that the skin ripples. I am in love with slow-motion video of the legs of professional soccer players. It is hypnotic. Were it available, I would be content to watch the entire world cup in that mode. Maybe I can get a blu-ray of the coverage, to peruse in slow motion at my leisure? I hope so.

I mean, just look at the amazing action that happens between seconds:Via The Big Picture.

This post's theme word: semibreve, "whole note." Vuvuzela performances glorify the art of the slurred semibreves.


Haz said...

If you have a computer capable of flash video, the feed isn't that bad at all.

Andrea said...