Saturday, February 13, 2010

Old dreams

Sorry for the recent blog silence. I've been sick and busy, and planning a move at the end of the month. There are lots of draft posts just festering around here. Yuck.

In cleaning up, I recently found the following note, scribbled quickly upon waking, which pretty clearly is a record of a dream. But I no longer remember the dream, or even writing this note:
Dream 1.
Going to play. Everyone in car. I [illegible] a lot; too slow; do for A. instead.

Alarm. Dream 2.
I have dysintery (though no symptoms). Everyone knows. We go hiking. Find a pile of loose, unattended ground hamburger. Watch safety video lying on ground. Play on playground.

Alarm. D3.
Ski resort. C. & J. wedding. E. hat. S. in tux, tophat. Aunt D. -- full back tattoo of periodic table, blanking out letters but 'thank you.' I forgot dress!
And that's a quick trip into my subconscious.

This post's theme word: quaalude, "methaqualone," or "a sedative and sleep-inducing drug."

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