Sunday, November 15, 2009

Toronto Santa Parade

Despite the very Novemberness of it, today was Toronto's Santa Parade. I twittered it live, and also took some photos.

They shut down Bloor Street, and kids played and drew with chalk while waiting for the parade.
Postal workers preceded the parade, gathering letters to Santa.
Clowns preceded (and interspersed) the parade, distributing goodie bags and candy from a train. Following the train were a bevy (?) of golf carts, resupplying the train with boxes of goodie bags from the three commercial-sized trucks following the clowns.
Twenty minutes later, there followed a day-glow train.
Clowns dispensing candy-canes.

Then a lot of standard parade stuff: marching bands and floats.
This McDonald's one was impressive.

The funniest part was the children driving -- actually driving! -- tiny Duracell cars, with adults trying to prevent them from hitting the crowd and each other.
The steering wheels worked!

People dressed as food for the Ontario grower's association:
Poor pink lobsters.

Clever flamingo costumes

What happens to all these props after the parade? I want a giant foam banana!

This post's theme word: brachiate, "to move by swinging from one hold to another using arms," or simply, "having arms." Did you notice the inbrachiate apple above?

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hah, postal workers dressed as mailboxes...