Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Some combination of the weather, an uptick in mosquito population, chlorine, and soap/lotion is making my skin itch all over. It feels like ants are crawling across my body. This is the worst my "biggest organ of the body" has ever been. I can't figure out how to make it stop -- my usual fallbacks of udder cream* and lotion aren't working. In fact, all variations of the Lila-controllable factors make no difference.

I think I am allergic to summer.

I scratch myself in my sleep until my skin is raw. I've trimmed my nails down to nothing and sleep in full-coverage pajamas to prevent this, but still. It's not pleasant. I spend my waking time either freezing in my overly air-conditioned office, or focusing on not itching the itches.

G. joked that this is a common symptom of withdrawal. Hah hah. I'm suddenly very sympathetic with addicts. And also extra-convinced not to become one.

Please, may I have winter now?

*As used on real cows! Very soothing.

This post's theme word: formication, "the sensation of insects crawling on the skin."


Andrea said...

ugh -- i hate itching. try soaking in an Amino Oatmeal bath - it's supposed to soothe the skin and worked when I had chicken pox, way back when.

or get cream with cortisone in it. Rachel says a doctor can prescribe more heavy duty ones, or perhaps tell you what is causing all the itching.

whenever I get bitten, i get huge huge red welts. interestingly, the nyc mosquito bites make me itch like mad but the Vermont mosquito bites are just a huge but don't itch. different venom?

George said...

I suggest a doctor.