Sunday, August 2, 2009


I want a bike to explore the greater Toronto area. Last weekend I went around to a several bike stores and was appalled at the cost of a bike, even a used bike. R. suggested checking out police auctions, and we discovered that Toronto's police auctions are conducted on eBay. This is brilliant! It's easier for them to sell the items, and easier for us to buy the items. No one has to be co-located in time and space except the single buyer who wins the auction.

I won the second bike I bid on, a red mountain bike (that I plan to paint green). It was nice and cheap, and -- surprisingly! -- in rideable condition when I picked it up. The lock cost exactly as much as the bike, which I guess is a comment on the middle-to-good lock I bought and the ridiculous nature of retail. (And no, there weren't any bike locks available at police auction.)

Onward to bike-mounted adventures I go!

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