Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Composite conversation

A composite conversation partly due to R., had by many people through cut-and-paste, quotes, and the magic of the international intertubes:
A: "Where did you find the forks? They must have been hidden?"
B: "Yeah, they were hidden in a box that said 'FORKS'."
C: "Very surreptitiously hidden, too. That is the last place I'd look for them, because I would guess that it contains a booby-trap to catch other fork-seekers in order to thin the population of competition for the scarce fork resources."
Just trying to lighten a day otherwise full of very seriously-executed internet jokes.

This post's theme word: gudgeon, either "a gullible person; bait" or "a pivot, usually made of metal, at the end of a beam, axle, etc., on which a wheel or a similar device turns."

UPDATE: Eloquent commentary on April Fool's Day from Penny Arcade. Every so often, their text reads as exquisite poetry.
April Fool's Day is the refuge of villains, a sunken hole muggy with geothermal sweat. As a myconic parody of the lush, sun-drenched Earth, new horrors are forever birthed in its perfect darkness.

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