Friday, March 6, 2009

Pear pie

Earlier this week I received a free vat of sliced pear-date-cranberry mixture. So I bought some supplementary pears and made a pie. This is the pie before I put on the top crust:
I had to roll out the top crust more than the bottom to stretch it over the mound of deliciousness pictured here. My pie was more hemispherical than discoid.

D. described it: "I have seen birthday cakes smaller than this pie."

R. commented: "In your family, do you just make a pie larger than the volume of the smallest person?"

Before this year, I thought that everyone made pies this convex. I have learned that it is just my family. Everyone else makes flat little baby pies.

This post's theme word: gormandizer, "a greedy person."

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masha51 said...

I don't think it is just our family.
Commercially prepared pies are flat so that they can easily fit in compact boxes for shipping to stores.
It is possible that some people have developed their pie paradigm based on store-bought. And, it may follow that they strive to achieve this flat perfection even when they make their own pies.