Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sore and tired

I erged (ergged?) yesterday and did my abs workout. This is a bad combination. Today all the muscles on the dorsal side of my body are achingly sore. On the bright side, I went to bed so early that I awoke before my super-early alarm. This is good, because I was so tired that I forgot to set the alarm.

It rained yesterday and all the snow melted and washed away. It was a pretty dismal day. (Exception: I got to talk to D., which was excellent.) I miss my family, my Harvard friends, and being able to use words like "pallor" in casual conversation without having to spell and define them. I don't mind having to do this for non-native English speakers, but for crying out loud -- doesn't anyone read books anymore? I would go hang out with grad students in the humanities, but they wouldn't understand my nerdy jokes. Sigh. It's so hard to be an academic elitist sometimes.

Perhaps next I'll memorize the alliterative v monologue from "V for Vendetta."

Good news: in a few weeks, I'll be at home. Cookie swap, Geometry Wars, pies, Patapon 2! Not soon enough!

Bad news: in a few weeks - ε, I want to submit a complete draft of my Master's work. Too soon!

This post's theme word: cacology, "poor choice of words" or "incorrect pronunciation."


Robert said...

Is this what they call the loneliness of those at the top? Those people who have one thousand and one different interests and so much energy as to pursue all of them? Those people who are not a genius in any area, but excel in so many; who enjoy making connections between distant pieces and laugh about them.
It must be hard not to be able to find anyone of your likeness.
I am suddenly happy to be such an average person. At least relatively more average... ;)

I hope I am not being to sarcastic, after all I think your musing are more nostalgia than a complaint about about your current circle of friends. May you at least be assured that others enjoy your company, even if we sometimes can't follow ;-)

Lila said...

Aww, thanks.

George said...

Who the hell doesn't know the word "pallor"?