Wednesday, September 10, 2008

IDoS debriefing

It wasn't really that bad. I think I used up all my sadness over the weekend, and also in looking at apartments yesterday in the rain. Very wet, through my shoes to my socks.

Now life is renewed and delicious:
  • Happy birthday to M. and S.!
  • My new office is much better-positioned than my old one (people walk by, I am close to the lab, there is some distantly-accessible natural light), and my new officemate is either extremely considerate or afraid of me. Either way is fine.
  • The LHC has not yet destroyed the earth. (Check here to see if that's still true.)
  • In an overview yesterday, I determined that everything is going well and, in general, I'm in a happy and productive phase.

This post's theme word: boggify, "to make boggy."


Andrea said...

f you were a harry potter spell, you'd be this:

Orchideus – Causes a bouquet of flowers to come out of the end of a wand.

Lila said...

Note: The above message is blogspot spam. But, unlike other spam I've had in comments here before, it doesn't link to any malicious sites. In fact, it's rather fluffy and meaningless.

It was not authored by the one Andrea I know. (At least, she denies authorship.)

This is the lamest spell ever. Even muggle street magicians can do it!

Andrea said...

aw, thank you so much Lila! that comment was really nice (on lj).