Monday, February 25, 2008

Pumpkin-raisin scones

My experiments in cooking continue. I made the pictured pumpkin- raisin scones rather successfully -- none of my housemates has died of food poisoning (yet), and I even received a compliment. I also made banana bread and managed to only burn it the first time I tried the recipe. I am gradually mastering the fine art of baking with my aged, imprecise oven.

The kitchen is extremely drafty. If you stand in certain places, you can feel the breeze of frigid air pass by. Baking helps warm it up a little. I managed to avoid burning my hand until after all the baking. O irony. The cursed toaster is responsible for my tender fingertips.

This post's theme unexpectedly scrumptiousness-imparting ingredient: cornmeal.

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